How to unlock FRP of Android 7(7.0.1/7.1.1/7.1.2)

Android 7(7.0,7.1) FRP solution

Here is the best solution of android 7 (7.0.1/7.1.1/7.1.2) FRP remove.

Connect phone with WI-FI.

Open talk back on your mobile.

Open Browser with help of talk-back.

Download this 2 APK file on your mobile.

  1.  Quick shortcut maker link
  2.  Remote 1 link

Install Quick shortcut maker on your mobile and open it.

Type settings on search bar, you can see settings on list and open it

Open security setting and deactivate Device administrator.

Open App settings

Clear data, force to stop and disable google account manager then google play service.

Now go back and install Remote 1.

Again open quick shortcut maker search settings>add account>add gmail id and password.

After add gmail tick on sync.

Go to security tab and activate device administer and find my device.

Open app setting and enable that app which was disabled.

Uninstall Remote 1 app then restart your phone.

Its done enjoy.

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