Colors P15 FRP Remove solution

First Download this scatter file


extract password:-


  1. Download and extract scatter file.
  2. Choose a correct scatter file for your mobile and extract again.
  3. Open SP flash tool (Download).
  4. Choose scatter file.
  5. Click on format option.
  6. Open scatter file with notepad.
  7. Go to Edit>find or Ctrl+F to find text and type FRP the click on find text.
  8. Now you can see FRP word with marking and scroll down.
  9. Open SP flash tool click on manual format.
  10. Copy linear _start _addr and pest it begin address(HEX) in SP flash tool.
  11. Copy partition size and pest it format length(HEX) on SP flash tool.
  12. After add both address click on start option of SP flash tool.
  13. Connect mobile with USB cable, install driver if needed, wait for OK to green signal
  14. Its done!! 100%…..



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