Easy steps to setting data service NTC and NCELL network

Data setting of ntc and ncell on your android phone


  1. Open setting>
  2. Open mobile network>
  3. Open access point names>
  4. Click on add button>
  5. Name>”ntc”
  6. Apn> “ntwap or ntnet”
  7. Proxy>
  8. Port>8000
  9. click on more button>

  10. click on save button>

  11. Now the setting has been saved
  12. Scroll top to down and click on mobile data>
  13. Now the data will be opened and enjoy

Note:- If  your data service not activate please resistor first

    Registration help:-
    open message type message “Vgprs”and send “1400”
    1. open setting>
    2. open mobile network>
    3. open access point name>
    4. click on add button>
    5. fill up>Name:-ncell>
    6.  Apn:-web>
    7. Proxy:”>
    8. Port:-:8080>
    9. click on more>
    10. click on save>
    11. scroll down from top of menu
    12. click on mobile data


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