How to find correct firmware of samsung

Hi today i’m going to tell you key points about identifying of Samsung firmware.

  1. Put your phone in to download mode by pressingvolume down key +power key+home key then press volume up key.
  2. You can see SWREV B:4 K:2 S:2 (it is an example). Then note the
  3. SWREV.
  4. Now put your phone in to recovery mode by pressing volume up key+powre key+home key.
  5. You can see android recovery at the top of left corner. You can see Samsung/xxxx../android version/xxx../J730fxws4bsd3 (J730fxws4bsd3 is an example).
  6. Not SWREV and J730fxws4bsd3 here is common thing is 4 .this your phone binary its a very important to flash phone.
  7. Now you need to download binary 4 firmware. If you download lower binary your phone can not be flashed. It should be same or higher. keep in mind android version doesn’t matter.
  8. J730fxws4bsd3 means:- J730f=Phone model XW=Region S4b=Binary/samsung boot loader D=month 3=revision

Note:- If you going to flash or downgrade android version or removing FRP of Samsung smart phone you must be know about binary or samsung boot loader version. If you going to flash combination file you also need to know Samsung boot loader

Hope you understand easily if any quarries please comment

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