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Light solution for any android phones

You can solve light solution  for any android phone easily from this pic

  • first check vbat 3.7v on input capacitor
  • check coil and 3.7v on coil if damage change it
  • check light driver ic it is 6 pin

pin 1 vbatt coming from battery connector,input capacitor and coil

pin 2 ground
pin 3 ground with resistor
pin 4 vbatt after coil
pin 5 output voltage 22v-35v it is pass output capacitor and diode to display connector
pin 6 tigger coming from cpu
  • If light driver ic short or no output voltage change it,befor change light driver ic check diode if damage change it.

Note- if u have six pin light driver ic u can solve easily light solution of any android mobile phone.we can get it other damage mobile phone.some time there is no six pin ic on the mobile phone we can find first vbatt connection,trigger,ground and output to the ic and replace it as 6 pin ic it will work.

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