Turn off safe mode of android phone

Easy steps to turn off safe mode>

Why safe mode has activated > Safe mode has acti
vated because a serious error with app or system app will be crashed.we cant run any app in safe mode.

I Am showing to easy steps to solve safe mode

step 1

Turn off your phone completely,power on it back when power on and logo appears just remove battery.wait 2 or 3 minute then insert battery and power it again completely your phone will out safe mode.

step 2

 Just turn off your phone completely.press power and volum down key simultaniously.your phone out of safe mode.this is the very useful for turn off safe mode and it is efective.if your volum key has been broken please contact customercar center.

step 3

Factory reset Or flash your phone completely it will also useful for exist safe mode of android phone

step 4

safe mode comes when your phone water damage or usb jack damage.in this case you should be contact costomer care center.

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