Vivo Y71 Password Unlock

Vivo Y71 Password Reset solution

When you trying to wipe data factory rest from recovery menu it ask to input password for that situation its a best method to reset password of Vivo Y71

Download Unlock file and tool Link,

Extract file and install RBSoft,

Run RBSoft as a administrator,

It ask to input User name and Password,



Do not copy username and password just type,

If you direct open soft it can’t run so you must run soft as a administrator,

Now tools open chose Qualcomm option then tick on manual loader and browse Y71 password reset file,

Connect phone to PC by pressing volume down and volume Up keys (install qualcomm driver if needed),

If can not detect phone by keys pressing then disassemble your phone and find test point then short test point and connect USB cable 

Click on format user-data wait for complete,

After done setup your phone without password.

Its a tested solution try with your own risk

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