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iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus network unlock with Q-sim/R-sim 2021. Jailbreak file system not showing on 3uTool.

Hi friends, After new update of ISO 14.3 Jailbreak file system not show in 3uTool. In that case how to solve problem? please read article carefully.

First make checkra1n USB drive, jailbreak iPhone and install cydia.

Open cydia and install apple file Apple File Conduit “2”.

Connect phone to computer and run 3utool.

In 3uTool go to jailbreak file system.

Go to System / Libraries / Core services and make a new copy of systemversion.plist with to your computer first.

Now in phone edit systemversion.plist.

IOS Version and buildversion :- latest version of other iPhone model(Now latest version is 14.3).

For get latest version Find another iPhone and go to setting>about phone>tap on version.

After edit systemversion.plist reboot phone and setup Q-sim/R-sim then activate.

Now your phone network unlocked and work fine but the phone app store and internet not working. Here is the solution to get original version.

Open 3uTool and go to flash option. Select Quick flash option. Click idevice flash setting and tick on retain user’s data then ok and flash. Wait for complete it will work fine enjoy.    

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